Private labelling

For customers who want to have an unique product that stands out from others on the market, SEKLOS LT can make private label success happen. We welcome inquiries from parties interested in private labelling of:

  • vegetable, flower and herb seeds. We pack and supply to the market more than 20 million packets of seeds per year in the manufacturing unit of the company covering one hectare. Annually, we supplement seed lines with about 100 new varieties of seeds. So today, nearly 1,000 different names of seed varieties make our seed lines.
  • Lawn seeds.
  • Compost or biohumus.
  • Granulated fertilisers.

SEKLOS LT management tracks every order through the entire process - from creating, packing to shipping. This full range of services makes SEKLOS LT the best choice in Private Labelling.


• Customised according to client needs.
Number of varieties per line    
•  Up to 630 (according to individual need).

• Triple quality control: by the producer, by the State Crop Service and UAB Sėklos agricultural company laboratory.
• Purity and germination rates of all seeds are in line with the EU quality requirements.
• Depending the process possibilities, most of the seeds are packed in hermetic packaging.

• Individual design.
• Information on the package may be presented in 4 of your chosen languages.
• We can specify the number of seed per 1 g, sowing time, distance, depth and other information.
• Packaging can be adapted to different types of the shop accounting systems – uniform, or quantity-based.
Commercial equipment    
• We can manufacture seed stands according to individual customer's needs. They depend on the size and range of chosen packets.


Seklos seed line for Scandinavia. This is a carefully selected range consisting of 191 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers (with our exclusive supply rights to the 26 varieties).


The brand, Min trädgård. The most popular varieties are vegetables, flowers and spices. Easy to cultivate with fast and easy germination. 15 different varieties that even children can cultivate. Especially suitable for stores that want to create the optimal sales and income from a small store area.

Special Vita Verde seed line ordered by OÜ Horticom (Estonia).
Three types of coloured packages for herbs, flowers and vegetables. The range includes famous and valuable varieties for cultivation in the Baltic countries. The package is informative, making it easy for the customer not only to learn about the subtleties of growing plants but also to find detailed variety information.
Range: 110 varieties (66 vegetables, 33 flowers, 11 herbs).
Package size: 8 x 14 cm.


Special seed line for UK web-shop
Only three different packet layouts  for Herb, Flower and Vegetable seeds.
Assortment of 120 varieties.
Each variety is marked with different label on the front and on the back of the packet.
Packet size – 8x14 cm.
Perfect solution for web-shops and those who want their private label in very small quantities!

Special seed line ordered by Biedronka retail network in Poland
The range includes 96 varieties of plants.
Seed stand: 0,79 m x 0,4 m x 1,64 m, 100 places

Special seed line ordered by Minda Garden AB in Sweden
The range includes 60 varieties of plants.

  Special seed line ordered by Senukai retail network
The range includes 134 varieties of plants.
Seed stand: 2 m x 1.025 m (height x width), 64 hooks.
  Special seed line ordered by Rimi retail network
The range includes 145 varieties of plants.
Seed stand: 1.9 m x 0.832 m (height x width), 72 hooks.
  Special seed line ordered by Iki retail network
The range includes 127 varieties of plants.
Seed stand: 2 m x 1.025 m (height x width), 110 hooks.